Learning by Doing

We deliver serious business games
for serious business problems

You keep sending your employees to different learning courses, but nothing’s changing. At the same time there are more new tasks and you have to rely on your subordinates. You are not sure how to deal with all these challenges.
Additionally to the traditional learning schedule, we arrange business games because:

Actions help to understand and remember the theory better than any explanation and visualization
Models of the complex systems help to perceive the principles of their functioning
Games show the main aspects of the real-life practice – people, communications, management, improvement
Learning must be fun!

Precise tools for different tasks

Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience

Improve your ITSM performance

Increase customer and service focus

Get more out your ITSM/ITIL training

Learn how improve processes to realize demonstrated value and reduce business risk

Grab@Pizza – Business IT Alignment in Action

Creating business value through IT

Developing an outside-in customer focus

Transforming ITSM and ITIL into a strategic capability

Aligning IT and business decision making

Improving end-to-end collaboration and communication

The Challenge of Egypt – Project Management

Explore project management best practices and how to effectively use them

Increase project performance and value

Understand project roles and dependencies

Get more out your project management training, translate theory into practice

Improve team work and identify improvements to the way you manage and run projects

2020 – achieving sustainable change

How to effectively initiate and manage organizational change

Combining organizational change, program management and process management to create sustainable change

Assess and improve change capabilities

Empower employees to participate in change

The Phoenix Project

Learn more about DevOps

Learn more about the practical implementation of DevOps

Learn how to develop collaboration within your teams

Learn more about how to increase business value

Key features of every game

One full day
8 to 12 participants
Adaptive scenario

Why Cleverics?

games delivered
years of experience

Since 2016 we are delivering one game every week (on average)

Leading partner

  • GamingWorks is the world's leading developer of business games and business simulations
  • We have been cooperating with GamingWorks since 2005
  • Cleverics has the Platinum Partner status since 2016

Perfectly fits your training program

Standard option

  • We discuss your objectives, plans and priorities
  • We agree on key roles and participants
  • We adapt the scenario and events for a best fit
  • We deliver a game for your team
  • We discuss learning points, outcomes, observations and provide you with comprehensive feedback

Extended package

  • Standard option, plus:
  • 1- to 3-days adapted training course before the game
  • 2- to 4-hours workshop after the game to set your team rolling, agree on 1st priority actions and discuss most important improvements

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